Plugging In

Plugging In

By Michael W. Smith

My brain’s going to explode. That’s how I felt when I was about four months into working on my most recent record. We still had about two months to go before the record would be completed. I was working 12-hour days, we were over budget, and I wasn’t sure if the record would be finished on time. I was overwhelmed.

It had been awhile since I had met with the guys from my prayer group. Our prayer group has seven couples in it, and the women meet every Tuesday without fail. Sometimes the guys put off our meetings. But I need those guys in my life to keep me accountable in my Christian walk.

So one day at the recording studio I said to my co-producer and engineer, “I’m going to lunch, and I don’t know how long I will be gone.” I met the guys in the boardroom at a nearby restaurant. It was perfect; we were away from everyone else.

One guy had been struggling spiritually but had not told anyone. He began to weep.

I confessed that I too had been struggling. We prayed for each other. Little did the people in the offices down the hall know that in theboardroom we were weeping and crying out to God. That day healing took place. Restoration took place. And afterward I thought, “Why did we wait so long? We need each other so much.”

Satan comes to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). Christian marriages are breaking up and families are falling apart; people aren’t plugged in anywhere. Some people may attend church, but most of the time people aren’t really plugged in to a group to help them to live for Christ. We have a lot of “lone rangers” who try to make it on their own. But we all need to find a family, a safe place, friends who will hold us accountable.

Sometimes it is difficult to get together. We are so busy, and it seems as if we don’t have time. But we need to nurture the relationships that God has given us. We need to be open, to admit our struggles, to be honest about what’s going on in our lives.

I don’t know anyone who can make it on his or her own. We need to plug in, and I thank God for helping me to plug into an amazing group of brothers in Christ. They pray for me – and they hold me accountable to live for Jesus Christ.

Michael W. Smith
Copyright (c) 2000 Billy Graham

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