Look Who’s Here

Look Who’s Here

Don’t you think that Moses, after a discouraging day, may have pulled open his tent flap to see the pillar of fire high in the sky and said,

“Everything’s fine. LOOK WHO’S HERE.”

And what about Daniel, charter member of the Lion’s Club. He laid his head on the mane of a lion and said,

“I’m not afraid. LOOK WHO’S HERE.”

King Nebuchadnezzar had those three fellas thrown in the fire but when he looked down he saw four. Shadrach and Company were just fine.

And what about Elijah? Water was scarce and yet he still ordered twelve barrels to be poured upon the altar. “God or Baal? Choose you this day whom ye will serve!” Ol’ Elijah just chuckled to himself and said,

David, the shepherd boy who would become King, looked at Goliath, loaded his slingshot, and said
“Your time is up. LOOK WHO’S HERE.”

Lazarus had been dead four days when Jesus said “roll the stone away.” But Lazarus walked out of that tomb because Almighty God turned death on its heels and said

One of these days… “it may be at morn when the day is awakened, it may be at midday, it may be at twilight, it may be per chance in the blackness of midnight” – in one mighty shout around the world we will look up and cry
“Hallelujah! He’s back! LOOK WHO’S HERE!”

Written by legendary preacher Vance Havner:

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