Do Good

Do Good

Sometimes ago, I’d a heated disagreement with my neighbor.

He placed his Generator just at the back of my window. There were a lot of smokes getting in and the sound won’t just let my baby sleep.
So I approached him. I told him about the hazardous smoke that comes in and that it’s possible to find another suitable place just nearby would be okay. He got angry. His wife flared up. I was surprised to his lack of not being able to reason with what I was saying. He insisted on not moving his Gen.
It wasn’t convenient each time they put it on.
“You’re not considerate. You’re not a good person” I told him.
Those words were too much, but I was angry too.

I rang the Landlord. I informed him.
He doesn’t stay around. He promised to call him.
Two weeks on, nothing changed. I felt very unhappy. I would always close my window evenif the weather is hot. My baby sweats a lot. Then I had no Gen. Nepa wasn’t helping too.
So we kept managing.

One Night, it was on Friday. Very late. I perceived an unpleasant smell coming towards my room shortly after the PHCN restored light, so I got out. I traced it.
I realized it was coming from my neighbor’s apartment. The one next to mine that we both had a disagreement.
I stood for a minute or thereabout.
“This people are not friendly; let me go back. I said inaudibly.
I returned back. Of course why should I even be surprised that they could allow such an offensive smell come out of their space.
” Dirty people!”
I locked my window.

But the smell persisted even more.
I got worried. I approached their doorstep and knocked with my index finger.
Such one you do so that no one will accuse you of wanting to break down their door.
No reply.
I hit harder and harder. No reply still.
I went straight to the window of their room to whipt through.
No one was home.
I saw a little flame. A plugged Iron faced to the mattress.
I quickly ran to the central switch and put off the light.
I alert another tenant. We have just four apartment. We broke in.
In there was my neighbor’s two kids and one of their young relative staying with them all asleep.
We took them out. We subdued the fire. It has just started. But there were smokes in the room already.
At a time, we all collected each other’s phone number after one of the tenant’s meeting.
I rang my neighbor. No response. And again, still no response. And again, “switched off”
Apparently, he didn’t want to speak with me.
The kids said they’d gone to church, which I guessed to be vigil.

I accommodated those kids and the young girl.
Very early next day, He and his wife returned only to find their apartment opened and messy.
He asked one of the neighbors who told him what happened.
He knocked on my door. I opened.
He hugged me.
“E se Daddy Desire!” Meaning Thank you!
And the wife was full of thanks.
That was how he looked for a far away open place to put his generator and he didn’t only do that, he asked if I don’t mind connecting with him.
Because I have a clear mind after what’d happen, I said “okay”
He gladly gave us light.

And afterwards, there was a time I traveled to Abuja, and my wife wasn’t feeling okay. He took her to the hospital
And took care of the bills. I was only told after she returned back.
I asked my wife how much the bill was…
I met with him. I made it known that I am very grateful. I offered him the cash. He refused it.
“You are a good man sir. Thank you” I told him in yourba.
“So you are too” replied in yourba
In life,

We need to be the example of how we want others to live and should live.
We need to show what we expect back from them.
A lot don’t see life the way you it. The world is so unfriendly and also,people who live in it. But when you have your chance to prove that you are not one of them, Prove it. Because the chance will always come.
Regardless of whatsoever might have happened. Don’t take it to the heart.
Put it in your hand. Why?! Because Soon it will slip off and you will forget. That way you won’t pay evil with evil.
Try not to hold grudges that will make you not to be merciful so as to help your enemies; when you are the only one who is in the position to.
Yes! They’re people who just find joy to frustrate you but don’t do likewise.
Nevertheless, be careful not to play Mr righteous because you may greatly regret it. Don’t create the chance to prove yourself. Wait for chance.
The chance will come.
They will need your help either directly or indirectly.
Make sure you pay evil with good.
Then you will be greatly worshipped.


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